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Lyons Photography



All of our portrait artist have at least 10 years of portraiture creation. All of our regular portraits ar produced in our finest finish. We have a large selection of frames that are selected for photogrphy portraits.  We have many samples displaying the combination of multiple images as a composite or in a framed wall collection.

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Our studio can accomodate a family of up to 20 people.
Background selection.
We will also do a location portrait session in you home or a location of your choice.



Children and Pets


Portraits of children or pets can be photogrphed in our studio or on location.


A wide variety of backgrounds are available for your selection.




Business Head Shots-Modeling-Legal


We provide  digital images or prints for Professional images.


Head Shots for various news releases and applications.


Modeling sessions with digital images or prints.


Legal photos of injuries for court use.

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